Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that often come up in discussion with prospective students/clients…

Why would I choose Websites and Coffee?

Here’s what makes Joyce S. Kaye and Websites and Coffee unique:

  • The focus is on you. It’s about you and your website.
  • We’re focused. Joyce is expert in helping non-experts create and control simple WordPress websites.
  • Joyce wants you to succeed. Your success is her joy.
  • Joyce values value. She always wants to give more than she receives.
  • Joyce listens. The first step in any helping relationship is to connect with each other.
  • Joyce speaks your language. She is a people person and a computer geek with a wide and varied background. [Learn more…]
  • Joyce strives for “simple.” Just enough or the right stuff – and no more.

You are more than your website – and so is Joyce.

How do I know if I can really create and control my own website?

You’ll need curiosity and courage to explore and make mistakes. You’ll need at least a basic competence with your computer. You’ll need perseverance to get through the development process – and stay on top of the maintenance.

Why WordPress?

Eighty million plus WordPress sites. Open source code. More than twenty thousand plugins to enhance functionality. Huge, supportive user community. Tons of documentation. Easy to use. Free. Need we say more?

How long will it take to get my website up and running?

It’s really up to you. Joyce can create a simple website in a weekend, so if you want to be up and running in a weekend, just ask her to create a retreat for you. On the other hand, you can take it at your pace.

Websites and Coffee offers workshops each month, plus personalized retreats, so you can hop on board almost any time and move forward as you’re able. You may find yourself “really getting into this web stuff,” and you can move forward quickly.

If you get stuck, and don’t like to ask for help, it can take A Long Time!

How much will my new website cost?

Read here to learn about the ongoing costs of domain registration and hosting.

Your costs for support can start at $45 – like if you took our “Intro to WordPress: First Steps,” workshop and flew solo from there. Then you might want to come back for some coaching if you get stuck – say another $70-140. Or you might attend “Intro to WordPress: Part Two (Going Deeper)” ($45 for 2-hour intimate workshop) to get some deeper, guided hands-on experience, and then perhaps “Intro to WordPress: What’s Next?” to craft out a step-by-step plan (another $45).

You could book several half-day retreats for $750 and be fully up and running – and also be greatly empowered to manage your website. Or anything in between. Joyce notices that web designers currently charge about $500-1000 for a basic five-page WordPress site – add another $500-750 if they provide content and images. And, then you still have no idea how to maintain and grow your own website – i.e., no control – which means you have to pay for changes and additions as you go!

Joyce thinks Websites and Coffee is the best deal around – especially if you’ve got the courage and curiosity to create and control your own site. Read some comments from workshops attendees…

What’s the best way to get started?

Really, the best way is to call Joyce. She’ll talk through where you are today, where you’d like to go, and how you’re planning to get there. Then she’ll give her best suggestion about getting started.

Otherwise, there’s always “Intro to WordPress: First Steps.” You can’t go wrong with this workshop. You’ll get a foundation, learn basic terms, and experience WordPress hands-on. Then you and Joyce can talk!

Is there help if I get stuck?

Absolutely! Part of the wonder of WordPress is its flexibility – and hence the ease of recovery when you get fouled up. And Joyce is here for you – you never need to feel you’re alone.

Just call or email. If Joyce can help you get unstuck in a couple minutes, there’s no charge – she’s glad to see you back on track. If it’s more complicated, you may want to consider personal coaching, which Joyce provides by the hour, and is available over the phone, via email, or in person, and it’s one of her favorite ways to serve you.


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