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In helping you create and control your own WordPress website, Joyce Kaye (AKA The Computer Spirit) offers three kinds of service:

  1. Intimate, interactive workshops, labs, and retreats.
  2. She’ll do some/all of the work for you.
  3. She’ll do the work with you: side-by-side, one-to-one.

Although her workshops, labs, and retreats are very helpful to those who see the need for a solid foundation in WordPress and for those who enjoy working in small groups, Joyce usually finds herself on the phone helping folks work out their problems as they come up. Just-in-time learning is what most computer users prefer, so she’s making phone sessions more widely available.

Here’s how phone sessions work:

  • The charge is $70/hour, paid in one-hour blocks. Unused time (in 15-minute increments) is banked for your next call.
  • Joyce will work via phone and Skype/Zoom. Your regular phone will do – you’ll want your hands free to be typing away on your computer as you work. With Skype, you’ll need either a headset, or a microphone and speakers.
  • Appointments are booked along the way. Joyce is flexible, so she’ll book times that are convenient and work for you.
  • You’ll work mostly live in your WordPress websiteyou’ll be learning as you do the work. You’ll set Joyce up in her own Administrator user role so she can log in to your website’s back end and see how things are going and handle more complex issues directly.
  • You’ll have Joyce’s undivided attention and can ask as many questions as you’d like.
  • Joyce will meet you where you are at and help you move forward – you are not alone!


The Computer Spirit’s Personal WordPress Support is helpful when you get stuck. During sessions you’ll be learning how to solve website problems yourself – as you do the work. This is truly the best way for most people to learn. Although Joyce may not be in the same room with you, you’ll find it’s very empowering to work through your issues live with a skilled, caring, mentor.

You can build your entire site this way if you’d like. You may want to look at the way Joyce has structured the Websites and Coffee workshops and labs to get an idea about how to direct your Personal WordPress Support sessions.

Joyce’s Personal WordPress Support sessions are much different than call-center technical assistance. She not only addresses your technical issue, she helps you learn. Remember her philosophy about teaching to fish…? And, she’s happy to take on bigger issues, of course, such as design, search engine optimization, and content, with you. She’s not being graded on how quickly she can get you off the phone – she wants to connect with you person-to-person and be of service.

The Personal WordPress Support sessions are not like working with a website developer. You’ll be doing the heavy lifting. Joyce will do her best to put you in control so you don’t have to come back every time you change your phone number or add a new service.


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  1. My website is down. Transitioning from GoDaddy website builder to WordPress. Frustrating and struggling trying to figure it out on my own. Augh. I would love help! Either in person or over the phone. Are you available? I can do $50! Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Joyce!

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