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Your Comments About WordPress Workshops — 57 Comments

  1. Many thanks for the beginners workshop. The pace was perfect, and information helpful and I felt relaxed about learning new skills. I have put some to use already and look forward to learning more very soon.

    • Dear Sheryl- It was a delight to meet you and learn we have a mutual colleague/friend! I’m glad you found the workshop helpful and are already putting your newfound knowledge and skills to use. See you again soon!

  2. I enjoyed the WordPress beginner class and feel I have the tools to play around and get more comfortable with my site. Most of all I feel empowered to have the skills to do what I need and it no longer feels challenging or daunting to me. Thank you Joyce!

    • Dear Linda- Thanks so much for suggesting I offer a daytime workshop. If you feel empowered, then I’ve accomplished my goal! Happy WordPressing — and I’m here if you need additional coaching and help!

  3. Thank you Joyce! Your workshop was a great beginner introduction to WordPress and it’s capabilities. I loved that you taught us about the new changes to WordPress and had us practice using the software on our own computers to we would get familiar with it before playing on our own sites.
    I will definitely be referring others that need basic WordPress Knowledge to these classes!

  4. Thank you for the workshop Joyce! I really learned a lot and look forward to creating my website with you! You make it fun and inspiring and I think I can actually do this! I’m looking forward to the next workshop!

    • Dear Jeanne-I’m so glad you learned a lot and feel inspired and confident you can create your own WordPress website. I look forward to seeing you again. Blessings, Joyce

  5. I attended Joyce’s workshop on wordpress last night and learned more than I have ever known about creating and maintaining a website. It was informative and enjoyable. Thank you Joyce

  6. Joyce,
    Thank you so much for last night’s Intro to WordPress Part II session and the well-done, helpful pass outs. Though I was inadvertently ill prepared, I ended up getting exactly what I needed – the concepts rather than the details. If you are ever inclined to offer a WP page designing workshop, please let me know as I am sure I would learn lots more – faster – with others because they would all be introducing varying “puzzles.” I liked the physical set up of the workshop; thanks also for being so kind re my hardware challenges. Keep up the inspiring work!

    Beverly Coleman, MPH, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac
    Sedona, AZ

    • Dear Beverly – Thanks so much for your kind words and uplifting spirit! I am VERY glad you still found the workshop worthwhile even though you didn’t have the hands-on experience. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Blessings, and hugs, Joyce

  7. Thank you Joyce for sharing your comprehensive knowledge of WordPress with us all! The first class was a bit slow for me, but I am glad I took both the first and second class, because there are elements I would have missed if I had not taken the first one. The second class was not overwhelming at all, in fact – it was just what I needed. I feel like I now have the tools to make a site using WordPress which is really exciting! Especially considering I have paid someone $1000 and they still couldn’t make me a website. Now mine is going to look better than it ever would have! Yay! Hi Five!
    You are a great instructor, and very thorough, I would feel comfortable sending all skill levels to get assistance from you.
    Thanks again, Aurora

    • Dear Aurora;
      I’m so glad you found the “Intro to WordPress: First Steps” and “Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper” beneficial. Your believing you now have the tools to make your own WordPress site tells me: Mission Accomplished! Thanks for attending – your enthusiasm was, and is, contagious and delightful! Happy WordPressing (and remember, if you get stuck, I’m here: you’re not alone). Blessings, Joyce

  8. I just attended the first of the “Website & Coffee” workshops offered by Joyce. I was hesitant to take this workshop since it’s the beginner class and I already know a bit about WordPress. But I discovered there was still plenty for me to learn even in this first class. Joyce does a great job of organizing and presenting the information. I’m really looking forward to the second class in this series, and would recommend this series to anyone looking to understand their WordPress website or to gain a bit more skill.

    • Dear Glenn; Many thanks for attending the workshop and your comment. I’m glad you can now understand why I suggested you take “First Steps” – it lays a nice foundation and fills in the gaps for us self-taught folks :). I look forward to your attending “Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper” and being of further help to you. Blessings, Joyce

    • Dear Rosemary; So glad you thought “Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper (Part II)” was “great” – I certainly enjoyed having you with us! The next workshop in the series is “Intro to WordPress: What’s Next?” but since you have someone already building your new WordPress site, I’m not sure it’s for you. Considering where you’re at in the process, private coaching may be the next step. Feel free to let me know what you’re looking to accomplish. Thanks again for being part of the Websites and Coffee family. :) Blessings, Joyce

  9. Thank you, Joyce for two great classes so far. I’m having so much fun learning from you and I look forward to the next!

    • Dear Hava; It’s been a delight to meet you and have you attend Websites and Coffee workshops – and a learning for me! You’ve given me the opportunity to see how students who’ve taken “Intro to WordPress: First Steps” can jump to “What’s Next?” – and be successful – and then go back and take “Part Two: Going Deeper.” I’m glad you’re finding the workshops worthwhile and fun too. Thanks again, Hava – I look forward to seeing you at the next workshop. Blessings, Joyce

  10. Joyce has an enthusiasm and knowledge that is broad and very insightful. She is fun to be around, and has a clear way of conveying her message. It was a great help to have an ally in this respect, as coping with these skills solo is challenging!

  11. Dear Joyce,
    Thank you for the WordPress workshop last night! I learned a lot and look forward to learning more. Also appreciate you sharing your home and your tea! It was wonderful meeting you in person and I hope we see each other soon. Laura Schappert, Virtual Assistant – Sedona Office Solutions LLC

    • Dear Laura;
      Thank you for your kind words. It was nice to meet you in person too since we’ve spoken a bit and emailed. I look forward to more coaching and learning together. See you again soon. Blessings, Joyce

  12. Joyce – Many thanks for a great session and for your patience with all of my questions! I learned a great deal and am intrigued to do more. Great idea to have the lab site that we can use after the class. It is really helpful in trying out all of the WP features. See you soon!

    • Dear Stephanie – So glad you could join us at the recent “Intro to WordPress: First Steps” workshop! Glad you found the session “great” and you’re intrigued to do more. And, please, re: questions: I’m here to help, so ask away! See you perhaps this week at “Intro to WordPress: What’s Next?” on May 30th where you can leave with a personalized web development plan. In any case, look forward to seeing you again. Blessings, Joyce

    • Dear Katharine – A big part of my mission is helping folks feel they’re not alone – be it with their business or personal life – and helping them feel empowered. By the looks of your comment, I conveyed that to you, and I am most grateful. Thanks for the referrals to others; see you at “Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper” later this week. Blessings, Joyce

  13. Wow, I had no idea what Joyce meant by this is really fun, but I do now, and it sure is! Very anxious to keep going and really build a fun personalized site or two or three. :-) Joyce is attentive, answers questions honestly and is very personable. If you are thinking of doing this… DO IT!

  14. Hi Joyce,
    Yes, I really enjoyed last evening and learned a lot! You were right that I should start with the intro class! I am eager to play around in your test site and also to see what comes forward with regard to a website for me. Thanks so much! Love and Blessings, Janis

    • Dear Janis – Glad it worked for you… and, it’s always a delight to see you! Look forward to your joining us again for another Websites and Coffee gathering, and helping you advance your website. Hugs, Joyce

  15. Loved Joyce’s intro to wordpress class. She has great knowledge and teaches a lot in an environment that is relaxed and positive.

    • Dear Rob – So glad you were able to join us and that you felt relaxed and enjoyed the class. Look forward to working more together… Blessings, Joyce

    • Dear Phoenix – It was a delight to meet you; sorry we didn’t have more time to get acquainted. I’m glad you found the “Intro to WordPress: First Steps” workshop helpful – and enjoyed the coffee too! I look forward to seeing how your Sedona HeartWalk website evolves; and, of course, I’m here if you need coaching. Hope to see you again in the near future. Blessings, Joyce

  16. Thanks for the workshop! It got me started on a whole new path of expanded communication via my websites and blogs! The connection with WordPress now makes it possible for me to update and upgrade my old website, create a new one, and more! It was a great boost to whole new vistas of possibility and activity. Blessings to you both – Jewels

  17. Thanks for the great workshop. I learned a lot and am inspired to try WordPress for my new website. I’d love to have a follow-up workshop in the future for people who have taken the intro class, built a basic site of their own, and want to learn more details.

    • Judy, we are so glad you finally were able to join us at “Intro to WordPress.” We knew that once you took a test run, you’d be inspired – and wowed – with WordPress. We appreciate your support and suggestion, and are thinking about how we can offer a follow-up with such different levels of experience and expertise. Good luck on the transitioning of your Heart of Stone Studio website. We’re here to help!

  18. In our recent newsletter workshop Joyce had me up and running in no time. I’m working on a Constant Contact newsletter for a large non-profit agency I work for and her professional background really helped me dial in on creating an appropriate letter targeting our intended audience. She explained the graphics, metrics and other significant elements which meet our specific needs and is great with novice questions, while ready with the power tools.

    Joyce and Roger bring great insight and professional experience to the table here and make the experience fun. I’ll be back for Intro to WordPress and would have no hesitation recommending them.

    Joyce and Roger… many thanks. You guys bring it!

    • Thanks so much, Steven, for joining us for a fun “e-Holiday Party Adventure!” It was a delight to see you again and to start working with you. Thanks for the scrumptious cookies too!

  19. Joyce and Roger are fantastic people and teachers. They offer a wide variety of awesome skill sets and talents, and gifts between them.

    I attended their Intro to WP and although I have had many trainings and have taught myself alot about WP over the years they still had many insights and helpful bits of information for me. Their presentation and hands on training was well worth their fee!

    They keep pace with the least informed member in the group. And know how to help the most experienced feel they are receiving quality and valuable training as well.

    Joyce & Roger, you are a dynamic duo! Just one piece of info you shared was worth at least a thousand times more than what I paid for your training!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !

    I will be taking more classes with you in the near future.

    • It was such a delight to meet you, Cris – and you’re a neighbor too! You are quite knowledgeable as evidenced by the complexity of your WordPress website We are so glad that you feel we provided you value and look forward to seeing you again real soon. Many thanks for your great testimonial. Blessings, Joyce

  20. Joyce and Roger are highly skilled at what they teach. I learned a lot in the Intro about the basics of WordPress…and then some! They are patient, warm and very organized. I’m actually feeling very confident now about building my own site, which wasn’t the case before I took their class.

    • Yes, Sal, you CAN do it! Great to meet you and your uplifting and enthusiastic spirit. I’m confident that in the near future you’ll be able to link your meetup group page to your very own website that reflects you and that you built (perhaps with a little help from your friends :)). See you again soon.

  21. The Intro to WordPress workshop was very helpful. I learned how to create posts in my own website and keep track of things that are going on. Very useful data presented in a hands on way which is what I need to actually use it! It was great meeting both of you and I’m sure I’ll do some more work with you.

    Thanks again!

    • Dear Bill – It was such a delight to meet you and be of help. Keep us posted on your upcoming book “Driving with the Brakes On” and we look forward to seeing you again. Blessings, Joyce

  22. I just want to say thanks again for the information and support that I received during the recent “content” workshop.

    Not only did I receive the needed inspiration and motivation to begin getting my content prepared, I also have had my eyes opened wide as to the potential of a well-designed website.

    I’m looking forward to our continued work together.

  23. Thank you Joyce & Rog for the informative workshop. It was very helpful to get an broad overview of the functionality of WordPress and experience, hands-on, the ease of use. I enjoyed meeting you both and wish you much success with your workshops!

  24. I attended the workshop on Thursday, Sept. 6 and was introduced to WordPress as a website tool. The discussions and examples were clear and informative and the coffee was excellent.

    Using the information from this meeting I went to the Control Panel of my web host, HostGator, and discovered WordPress under Fantastico, as Con (a fellow attendee) suggested. I installed it and created the website in the title bar of this post. It’s still in progress, but I intend to use it for several things and have sub-sites for unrelated activities. The picture is mine, a panorama made with Photoshop from 8 images taken from the balcony outside my bedroom. So far it’s been great fun and much simpler than more usual methods of creating websites.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Thanks, Craig, for your comments and of course for attending our last “Intro to WordPress” workshop. We’re sooo glad you’re having “great” fun with WordPress and are finding it relatively simple – just like we’ve felt about it… that’s why we’re so eager to help others learn this website tool. Looking forward to seeing your site published in the near future.

  25. I attended the “Why Bother with your own Website” workshop to learn of all that is involved in creating one’s own website. Rog and Joyce were gracious hosts and provided clear and useful information, helping me in making the decision as to whether to proceed with the creation of my own website. They also have several readily available hands on follow up workshops to guide one every step of the way along this creative journey into website creation with WordPress which is very reassuring to a novice.