We build WordPress websites.

Simple, informative, user-friendly, pleasing to the eye.

I’ve been designing and developing websites since 2007, and using WordPress as the platform for more than 10 years now. Technology has advanced, the number of websites has exploded, and trends have changed. Yet certain principles remain true when it comes to a well-designed website. And, since your website is a reflection of you and your company, you’ll want to put your best foot forward by ensuring your website professional follows them.

These are some of the primary principles I use when building WordPress websites.

Simple is best

I find so many websites today distracting and overwhelming. They waste precious “real estate” with imagery that requires a lot of scrolling down to get to the heart of the matter when text would prove more valuable, and less frustrating, to readers.

A well-designed website reflects a balance between providing content and being an art project. Too often these days websites are more art projects, providing little content and thus information that one has to wonder what is the point of it all…


Navigation needs to be intuitive, fonts easy and clear to read, and colors complementary to one another and not excessive. I keep the color palette minimal, using complementary colors that enhance the site design. Good design also means using only 2 or 3 font faces.

Images used thoughtfully

Images bring an article to life and can enhance readers’ understanding. They can also contribute to your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). I always use at least one image on a page or post, and based on the length of content, will use more as long as they contribute to, rather than detract from, the message.

Content is king

Now, let me first say that despite what some folks think, content doesn’t magically appear once WordPress is installed!

Nothing takes the place of rich content. Pages and posts should have unique, original content that makes them worth visiting. Content needs to be relevant — that means you need to know who your audience is and speak to them directly.

It is you who knows you, your company, and staff best. If you feel you cannot write the necessary content, let’s sit down and I will interview you and write the content.

Credibility and professionalism

It is important that people know you are a real company with real people. The websites I build offer a clear “About Us” page and provide contact information.

I am a technical writer and editor (known as “Eagle Eye” to some) and you’ll find my websites (and other marketing tools) use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I do testing to ensure, among other things, links function correctly.

Consistency is key

Readers shouldn’t feel like they are visiting a new website each time they open a different page on your site. I use consistent design across the pages within your site thereby enhancing user-friendliness.


Now, while I design and develop WordPress websites, I always recommend you have a bit of an understanding of WordPress and websites in general so that you can hold an intelligent and productive conversation with web professionals. And, if you want to feel empowered and have control over your website, it’s simply essential!

Websites and Coffee’s Intro to WordPress workshops are interactive, hands-on workshops designed to empower you to create and control your own WordPress website. They are filled with conversation, exchange of knowledge and experience, and test driving of self-hosted WordPress. And, they include plenty of great organic coffee (tea and water too), and fun!

In addition, private hourly coaching sessions and 1/2 day retreats are available, either in-person (inquire about locales), or via phone and Skype/Zoom.


I tend to attract and work with Gen-Xers — folks in their 50s — and older. I have enjoyed my work with nonprofit organizations, authors and speakers, and healers (life coaches, energy workers, massage therapists, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, et al.). However, I don’t exclude anyone from consideration if there’s an opportunity to collaborate.

Your Choice

  • I’ll build your WordPress website; OR
  • You learn WordPress through Websites and Coffee’s workshops and you build your website; OR
  • We collaborate and build your site together, with you learning along the way, empowered to control  your WordPress website. The middle way.


I am delighted to offer you support as you take charge of the abundant tools and possibilities associated with your WordPress* website.

I’d love to hear about your website plans — and am here to help. Please contact me by email or phone (928.301.7292), or post a comment on this site.

Welcome to your WordPress website adventure — you are not alone!

* The focus is on wordpress.ORG, not wordpress.COM websites. Click here to learn the difference.