Websites and Coffee is back- the hiatus is over!

The hiatus is over: Websites and Coffee is back! The wildly popular interactive, hands-on workshop series to empower you to create and control your own WordPress website that was offered in Sedona, AZ for a number of years is making its Phoenix, AZ debut November 2018!

In addition, coaching sessions and 1/2 day retreats are again available, either in-person (inquire about locales), or via phone and Skype/Zoom.

Joyce S. Kaye, Small Business Coach & Solution Provider (aka The Computer Spirit) has been working with clients and their websites and e-newsletters for years, using tools that employ WordPress and Constant Contact. She also provides training for those so interested. Joyce endeavors to inspire and coach folks to reflect their purpose and passion in business and marketing.

Hear what Joyce has to say…

I am sooo very delighted to be back in business, and offering these informative, intimate, and fun Websites and Coffee (or “kawfee”) workshops!

What I have often observed is that folks aren’t clear about who they are or what they provide, let alone how to bring themselves and their stuff to market online.

However, I know you are very clear that you need to have control of your website.

Websites and Coffee is about clarity and control. I am delighted to offer you support as you take charge of the abundant tools and possibilities associated with your WordPress* website.

 Intro to WordPress

I’ll work with you one-to-one or in small, intimate groups, sipping java, having fun, AND moving your marketing forward. My intention is to take the sting out of creating and maintaining your website by making it possible to do it yourself.

You can always contract out this work – and you can always do it by yourself. I provide the middle way. You’ll experience developing your marketing ideas, website, and e-newsletter in a safe and supportive environment. And, you’ll receive inspired, professional guidance at a much lower cost than you would otherwise expect to pay.

“Websites and Coffee” isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to have courage and curiosity enough to explore and try new ideas.

The “Intro to WordPress: First Steps” workshop is generally the best way to get started. I am happy to steer you toward your best workshop choice or help you overcome obstacles on your path. I want you to be successful -– and to feel successful –- in your business, in your website, and in your life!

I’d love to hear about your website plans — and am here to help. Please contact me by email or phone (928.301.7292), or post a comment on this site.

Welcome to your WordPress website adventure – you are not alone!


Intro to WordPress


* The focus is on wordpress.ORG, not wordpress.COM websites. Click here to learn the difference.



Websites and Coffee — 11 Comments

  1. I see WP has eliminated the previous ability to put borders around images in their latest versions – amidst much yowling online. I know this function was near and dear to you – have you found a simple work-around?


    • Yes, I did love that functionality, but understand the reasoning as to why it was eliminated from the media library function in WP version 3.9. These days, I’m simply cutting and pasting pre-written code I keep handy on my desktop into the text tab: style=”border: 1px solid #000000;” (where the 6 characters after ‘#’ is the hexidecimal color code) into the section:

      img class=”alignleft wp-image-225″ style=”border: 1px solid #6c4fa1;” src=”” alt=”Portrait image” width=”200″ height=”221″ /

      I know this doesn’t work for many people who don’t want to/can’t fuss with code, but for now it works for me. As you have always said -and I’m gaining first-hand experience more and more myself- “There’s always a plugin!” I assume by now there IS a plugin for this, but I just haven’t made the time to check into. Of course, it would thrill me to have one to pass on to clients since to me -as recently stated to a client- “An image without a border (or shadow effect) is like a gift-wrapped present without a ribbon!” Of course, there’s always PhotoShop and the free picmonkey, but each means making an additional file containing the border.

      • Ok, there is a plugin. It’s WP Image Borders. It seems to work pretty well – just one little missing. Unlike the WP functionality, this is not a page-by-page application. You need to fill in a specific css class to tell it where in the website to apply the borders (it does shadows too). I used .page to apply borders to all images on pages – that worked. There’s a check box to apply your border style to all posts. You can add .widget, etc. to get the borders to other places in your site – or to just target a specific page.

  2. I just wanted to comment on how valuable I have found the workshops I have attended. My participation has clarified my goals and focused my intent.
    Thank you Rog and Joyce for the wonderful balance between head and heart.
    I look forward to further learning and growing.

    • Dear Lyle- Thanks for your interest in our “Websites and Coffee” workshops, and your delightful presence. We are tickled that you are finding them beneficial, and look forward to seeing you at “Website in a Weekend” if not before. And, again, welcome to the Verde Valley!

    • Someone else asked about webinars, but not in the plan at the moment. Much to prep for all the inspiration flowing through us… Thanks, Larry, we’ll keep you  posted.

    • Say hey Larry! We’re coming to Phoenix! Not until it cools off – at least a little! And talking about a reunion of our Tuesday morning group at Conversation Point. You in?

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