First, some history… Websites and Coffee was co-founded by Joyce S. Kaye and Roger Wyer in June 2012, as the workshop arm of Joyce’s “living” websites and Constant Contact e-newsletter coaching and development business she conducts as The Computer Spirit. Rog, of BizWorks Studio, added, among other things, his love of meaningful conversation to the mix as they gathered small groups of people together in a venue that empowers folks to create and control their own WordPress websites in a more affordable – and fun – manner.

These days, Rog is no longer involved in Websites and Coffee, but his creative influence remains. Joyce is most grateful for all he contributed to this adventure, and for the wonderful people it has allowed her to meet, and to continue to meet and help – over coffee.

Joyce S. KayeWhat Joyce loves about this work is: it’s of the mind and logical; it’s creative; it’s service; and, she gets to interact with people.

All her life, Joyce has rejected being put in a box — especially corporate boxes framed by administration. Although she’s becoming ever more knowledgeable about computers (particularly WordPress websites and Constant Contact e-newsletters), she prefers to see them as tools to communicate and express — especially one’s purpose and passion in their business and marketing. And, she’s never happier than when using her talents and skills in service to others.

Joyce brings her passion for empowering people, her tenacity and attention to detail, her eye for design, years of business and computer experience in a wide variety of venues, and a gentle, fun way of interacting. And, she’s patient, very patient!


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