The intention of Websites and Coffee, along with my services as The Computer Spirit, is to help you own your website. So, here are the myriad of WordPress support services offered.

Intro workshops help set the stage; lab sessions bring you deeper into WordPress functionality; and coaching and retreats provide total flexibility for addressing your needs.

If you have the basic computer skills and motivation to consider developing and managing your website yourself, and the courage and curiosity to explore, please take a look at the workshops.

When you’re ready to rock-and-roll, you can choose a custom learning experience in the form of Personalized WordPress Retreats. Note: these can be held in-person or via phone or cyberspace (really!).

When you’re stuck, I offer hourly hands-on coaching and Personal WordPress Support to help fill in the gaps, on site and by phone.

If you want someone else to create your entire site, that’s possible too! I design and develop WordPress websites, which for you might mean hosting set-up, WordPress installation, architecture design, uploading content and images, installing and activating themes and plugins, enhanced SEO, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss what would be a good fit for you, and how I can help.