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“Intro to WordPress: First Steps” Workshop — 2 Comments

  1. I have a new word press site added onto my old site as a store. I don’t understand it very well at this point. I hope your class can get me more savey with it.

    • Dear Laura;

      Thanks for your phone call yesterday and leaving a comment on our website.

      I’ve discussed you with my partner and we think that your attending “Intro to WordPress” would be appropriate and beneficial for you. I’ve also looked at the quanyincenter.org site. I don’t know how far you and your web person have gotten on it, nor what the plan for the architecture is, but I guess a main ‘concern’ is having the STORE page as a ‘separate’ site and not making use of the power of WordPress’ blogging software capabilities to enhance and ease search engine optimization (SEO).

      “Intro to WordPress” will be interactive…
      1) Discussion will include the following topics:

      • Why WordPress?
      • – Puts you in control
      • – Flexibility to grow
      • – Built-in SEO
      • “Living” vs “static” sites
      • “Page” vs “post”
      • Functionality and management
      • Themes

      2) Participants will also get their own user name to log into the back end of a WordPress site we have set up as a lab – you won’t have to worry about ‘blowing up’ your own site as we tour and explore. :)

      We think the material will give you a better understanding of why you want to build a WP site versus the old, static Dreamweaver-type built site and to get clear about what you want your site to be about and how to structure it. And, if you ultimately decide you don’t need to be independent from your web designer, you will at least have some understanding so that you and she can hold a meaningful conversation about the site and the work. Actually, you might even want her to attend this gathering!

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. Once again, thanks for your inquiry and interest.

      Blessings, Joyce